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Oxy Reel Story

The Oxy-Reel™ idea came from the circumstances of two of my sisters. Both had a terminal lung condition requiring them to be on oxygen 24/7 for the last several years of their lives. The long length of oxygen tubing running throughout each of their homes was annoying at best and a hazard at worst.

When my brother-in-law took my sister to her doctor appointments, he would sit in the waiting room and visit with the spouses of the other patients. They traded their stories of near misses, falls and personal injuries they and others experienced as they tried to navigate through their homes around the many twists and tangles of oxygen tubing on the floor.

One such indicent was of a man whose wife was on home oxygen. He became entangled in her tubing, fell, and opened a big gash along his throat after hitting the corner of a table. This was an extreme situation, but many similar mishaps of less severity happen frequently.

Hence, the Oxy-Reel™...

These are the basic features incorporated into this device.

  1. The tubing is on a spool to help reduce the twists and tangles while on the floor.
  2. The spool is free-wheeling for nearly effortless tubing extension. (No spring loaded retraction)
  3. Simple retraction controlled by the oxygen user with a wireless remote control.
  4. No specialized tubing or fittings.
  5. Easy access to tubing and swivel for quick replacement of old tubing.
  6. Unlike other spools which rest off the floor, the Oxy-Reel™ tube feed is near the floor, further reducing the risk of trips and falls.