Oxy-Reel™ spool Oxy-Reel™

About Oxy-Reel™

You will love how simple and easy-to-use the Oxy-Reel™ is. Simply place the Oxy-Reel™ in a central location and connect to your O2 source.

The spool tubing is attached to the canula using a swivel. The spool's freewheeling functionality allows effortless tubing pull.

Tubing is retracted while pressing the "key fob" style remote control's button. The spool returns to freewheeling operation after the remote control's button is released.

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Benefits & Features

  • Decrease tripping hazard
    Avoid tangles
    Simple tubing replacement
  • Minimize tubing on the floor
    Safer mobility around the home
    Effortless tubing extension
  • Convenient wireless retraction
    Locate away from concentrator
    Attractive design

We regret to inform you that the Oxy-Reel™ is currently out of production.

Existing customers may contact us for support by sending an email to: